FRAGILE: handle with care

Drooping Daffodil (Detail)


They came on the wing, in a sling,
So legend has it from German kin.
Conceived with a wink, all pristine and pink
Dropped down the chimney, to our chagrin.

Ours came awaited…anticipated,
Agony gave birth to elation premature,
For, wrinkled and pink with indelible ink
They read “Fragile: handle with care.”

It’s not that we couldn’t, or wouldn’t
It’s just that the chaos and challenge
would overwhelm
And self-preservation and isolation
Would muddy the mandate to ‘tend.’

We stock-piled routines
and cherished dreams
Child-proofed, bubble-wrapped,
nested and stacked
Attempting ‘anti-fragile’
we were disarmed for the battle
Where the needy are the winners
and the robust are the trapped.

Ours came awaited…anticipated.
Therapeutic to recall
when dreams often shatter
For they leave on the wing,
in the unforgiving spring
Pray gentle hands
their fragile hearts will gather.

En peu de bleu


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