Exhibit Publicity

At the Wyreena, art collection is top drawer


12 Jun, 2012 04:00 AM

LOCAL artist Sarah Raiter has transformed discarded drawers into works of art for her latest exhibition, Containing Colour, which opened at the Wyreena Art Gallery last Wednesday.

Raiter spent years collecting discarded drawers and has given them a new lease of life through art.

For Raiter each drawer provides her with the opportunity to tell a story. Using the interior surfaces as her canvas, she has created an inspiring collection of artwork based on her many years of travelling the world.

Kristin Scherlies, programming officer at the gallery, says: “Impressionism meets Orientalism in a backyard way as, painting in her kitchen, she marries a palate of succulent colours with a rich collection of visual images – images influenced by years spent in Pakistan.”

Raiter has incorporated the cultural issues she faced during her travels in Pakistan and America to create work that reflects powerlessness and confinement, while incorporating the colourful and intense imagery that is associated with these cultures.

The exhibition has been described as “a thoroughly adventurous exhibition” that will push the community’s perception about art. “Art not just for art’s sake, but to stimulate and intrigue,” Scherlies says.

Containing Colour is on until July 14 at Wyreena Gallery, Wyreena Community Arts Centre, Hull Road, Croydon. The gallery is open from 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-3pm on Saturdays.

Maroondah Weekly  Details: 92945590.

Article: At the Wyreena, art collection is top drawer
Link: http://www.maroondahweekly.com.au/news/local/news/general/at-the-wyreena-art-collection-is-top-drawer/2585519.aspx?src=email

Also see TV interview: Melbourne Chanel 44  Arts & Culture; June 25/12 @ 9am



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