(Oils on mirrors)

Mercury pools of flickering reflections mercury pools; flickering reflections
like oil spills on narrow pavementnavigating shifty shallows
huddle in puddles heaven-sent

ornate obstacles; mysterious mirrors
like tricksters capture runaway displays
of puddle-jumpers on THE WAY

carefree youth playful stoppuddle-jumpers
to float their sticks and paper boats
in sapphire lakes and palace moats

then hopping, skipping, stretching, risking
they grow to navigate the shifty shallows
the WHAT, the WHERE, their shades and shadows

it’s time the jumpers meet their match
when blinding glare the truth belies
a hint there’s more than meets the eye

ripple pool

now skidding, tripping, slipping, stopping
rainbow raindrop ripple pool
draws them in to face the WHO

mercifully the honest mirror
framed in ruts and muddy muddles
bares Christ in the trenches; Christ in the puddles

so jumpers dare to land in spaces
daunting places, where willing-he
pioneered path of grief to glory

peering faces (detail)peering facesmercury pools; flickering reflections
like oil spills on narrow pavement
huddle in puddles heaven-sent

where peering faces in dancing traces
of silver slip and glory spliced
display the blurry image of Jesus Christ



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