About Sarah

self paintingDiscarded drawers celebrate the glory of my visual world. Once roadside refuse, these disused receptacles accumulate awkwardly in my shed awaiting regeneration.  Turn by turn their interiors become the majority of my canvases—my narrative.

Load a brush with color and it will speak the richest language!  I let my brush interpret images of the mundane juxtaposed with the sometimes startling—the sophisticated play of color and light on a simple interior, or a nostalgic safe embrace against a hollow stare.

Impressionism meets Orientalism in a backyard way as, painting in my kitchen, I marry a palate of succulent colors with a rich collection of visual images—images influenced by years spent in Asia.

Before the days of painting in my kitchen…a lifetime of journeying the world from third to first world countries wore unpredictable and provocative pathways of experience. For example, a collection of “Gypsy” works parables rootlesness, freedom and burden-bearing. Intrigue and elusiveness twist and mesh with cultural issues I’ve faced. Issues of powerlessness, confinement, and questions of authenticity, respect and faith are allegorized—here captured and “contained in colour”.

Yellow Ochre Brushes

As the ancient Greek poet  Simonides understood, “Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Fashioning words into poetry/prose is an alternate ‘brush’ I joyfully wield.  I’ve posted occasional such reflections here.

I create for the sheer joy of it, the discipline of it, the compulsion of it… and the kinship through it.  I create, as I pray with all my life, that there might be glimpses of refracted truth and glory.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae


E-mail:  sarah.e.raiter@gmail.com

Phone:  0425159735

“The Joy in All Things”
St John’s Southgate Art Prize
2017        Melbourne, VIC

Regular Installations and Exhibits
2014-2017    St James Close, W Melbourne, VIC

Flesh and Blood

‘Show me an image of the invisible God.’

“This Place”
Centre for Theology & ministry
2017        Parkville, VIC

“Art for Wellbeing”
Sacred Edge Festival
2017        Queenscliff, VIC

Solo Exhibit
Capturing Colors of Domesticity”
2-3/2015       St James Close, W Melbourne, VIC

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia Art Prize
2013 Sydney, NSW


“Containing Colour”
6-7/2012 Wyreena Gallery, Croydon, VIC

Entered Archibald & Blake Prizes
2011 Sydney, NSW

Painting Tutor                                          equipping keen artists in weekly adult education
2006—10 Lilydale, VIC

Resident Artist
providing interactive exposure and appreciation
of the visual arts to the community through on-site painting
2008 Eastern Regional Library, Melbourne, VIC

Exhibited selection of “landscapes”
and assisted in curating exhibit showcasing community artworks
2006 Glen Waverly Anglican Church, Melbourne

Painting Tutor
equipping keen artists in weekly adult education
1999-05 Newtown, NSW

inaugural college art exhibit showcasing
local fine arts
2004 Moore College, Newtown, NSW

Painted inner-city mural
supervised, designed and painted—in cooperation with
locals to creatively  meet aesthetic needs of the community
2004 Newtown, NSW

Exhibited selection of “interiors”
and assisted in curating exhibits showcasing both professional
and children’s art work
2002-04 Newtown North Primary School, Sydney

selection of  “collage” in community art show
1998 South Turramurra Anglican Church, Sydney

Art teacher—tertiary
initiating the art department and syllabus
1984-86 Tyndale Christian School, Sydney

Fine Arts-minor/ BSc Home Economics
1979-83 Messiah College, Pennsylvania, USA


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