Seasons Triptych (1-20-Charm; 20-40-Beauty; 40-60 Contentment; 60-80 Dignity)IMAG6283


Living Promise

Living Promise

Living Promise

your land
your seed
your future
favour fully-grace
for you are mine

favoured families
flawed from bud to flower
picked for pleasure
and savored for faith
I am yours
seek my face

generations do
they don’t
they will
they won’t…won’t…won’t

flawless one and full of grace
the favourite one
my favoured son
the promised one
drinks death
…to life

re-generates those grace-fully crafted
to be grafted
into the promise
of forever-blessed

Living Promise (Detail)

‘Show me an image of the invisible God.’*

'Show me an image of the invisible God.'*

‘Show me an image
of the invisible God.’*

Install a consecrated box
Set round with wings and things
Half hidden in a fog
A darkened, curtained scene.

Fashion me an icon
Polished, worn, kissed clean;
Paint a gold-leaf halo
Godey and pristine.

Make it soar on cathedral walls
Out of reach, some distant dream;
Or in a fire, a storm, a cloud
Presumed; hardly seen.

Oh, ‘Show me an image
of the invisible God.’

Is incarnation too casual
Too dirty, too un-God;
A virgin birth too scandalous
God fathering a son too odd?

Hear the screams, sop the blood,
Cut the cord, wipe the crud;
Wrap him warm, let him suck,
Kiss his lips, rest him rough.

Welcome humble God-child.
Welcome to our neighbourhood.
Graced with eyes of faith
Here I see your divinity.

* this line from ME Lauzon ‘On the Birthday of Life’